Who We Are

St Mary’s Church is under the authority of the Church of England, Diocese of Bath and Wells.

Our Priest-in-Charge is Rev Peter Thomas, who also looks after the benefice of Norton Sub Hamdon, Chiselborough, West Chinnock and Middle Chinnock. We are led by a team of Readers and PCC members.

The Churchwardens, who have legal responsibility for the church building and are elected every year by the members, are Colleen Jerrold and Sam Lewis.

The Readers, who are trained and authorised to lead services, preach, and carry out pastoral duties in the parish, are Rosemary Egerton, Barbara Foy, Colleen Jerrold and Anthony Russell.

The Readers’ Group, authorised by the PCC, are in charge of the spiritual leadership of the church and are Rosemary Egerton, Barbara Foy, Colleen Jerrold, Tom Reeves (Chairman) and Anthony Russell. Rev Peter Thomas attends the monthly meetings of this group.

The PCC members are in charge of the practical running of the church and are Barbara Aldridge,Trish Bullock (PCC Secretary, but not a member of the PCC) Rosemary Egerton, Barbara Foy, Jo Jacob, Colleen Jerrold , Sam Lewis( Deanery Synod Rep ), Sarah Russell, Rev Peter Thomas, and Clive White ( Deanery Synod Rep) PCC members are elected by church members every year at our Annual Parochial Church Meeting, equivalent to an AGM.

We also have members who have been given specific responsibilities according to their giftings. They gather suitable groups around them for the tasks needing to be carried out. In this way new skills are learned, latent gifts discovered and nurtured, and succession of leadership made easier.

Youth Clubs and Youth Church
Church children & young people
Lord’s Larder
Prayer Chain
Church Fabric
All Saints’ Hall Fabric

The Readers’ Group
Sam Lewis
Sarah Russell
Tom Reeves
Anne Lewis
Roger and Lesley Strutt
Barry Egerton
Rosie Egerton
Lesley Strutt
Mike Toft
Sam Lewis
Collleen Jerrold
Mary White
Anthony Russell, Mike Toft, Ben Stent and Jan Elford


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