The Lord’s Larder

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The Lord’s Larder Food Bank is a local ‘bank’ of non-perishable food operated by volunteers from churches in and around Yeovil.

It began in a small way in 1991 when a representative of Yeovil Citizens’ Advice Bureau spoke about the need for emergency food to a member of one of the churches in Yeovil. It is now supplied by over 20 local churches, 20 schools and several community groups.

Between 1996 and 2009, there was a seven-fold increase in supply and demand for the project. In one year recently over 33,000 items of food were given out via 58 different agencies to 1200 adults and 737 children.

Many members of St Mary’s Church have supported the Lord’s Larder since 2000 by donating tins and packets of food to help those in need in our local area. It only takes one item a month from each household to make a big difference! We have baskets in the church and in The Memorial Hall which serve as collection points, and the goods are taken to the Larder in Yeovil on a regular basis. In this way we can share with many other churches in the area by bringing practical help and so show God’s love to someone in crisis.

How It Works

  • Food and money are donated throughout the year by local churches, businesses, schools and charities.
  • Volunteers sort & store all donations of food in a purpose built larder.
  • Requests for food are made by phone through recognized agencies, who then collect parcels to hand on to their clients.
  • Emergency food parcels are made up by the volunteers, according to need.

Food is not supplied to individuals on direct request to the Lord’s Larder Food Bank.

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